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Winco ZNG 17 (CPU)

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Winco ZNG 17 (CPU) micro-processor controlled dispensing equipment for the production of ready-to-use disinfectant solutions from concentrate and tap water for outlet taps supply, bed pan rinses, hoses and spray lances in:

Operation areas: hospitals, care homes for the elderly, sanatoria, swimming pools, wash rooms, commercial kitchens, meat preparation plants and many others.

TV (Technical control board) certificate: E 801 014 263 4001



Your Winco ZNG 12 (CPU) disinfectant mixing and dispensing includes the following safety features:
- Pre-warning when the concentrate (disinfecting or cleaning concentrate) levels close to empty
- "Empty" signal and automatic cut-out when insufficient concentrate
- Automatic cut-out when water supply is insufficient

In accordance with German federal health and safety guidelines (BGA/BAM) covering disinfectant mixing and
dispensing equipment all such devices should be subject to routine maintenance at least annually. We recommend
that users take out a service and maintenance contract.

Checking the concentration level
The concentration level of the solution can be controlled by the LED indicator.

- open the access door on the machine
- screw the container of disinfectant concentrate into place
- insert the suction tube into the container of concentrate
- close the access door on the machine
- set the control to the required dispensing rate
- your Winco ZNG 17 (CPU) is now ready to use

The solution can be adjusted to suit most commercially available water miscible disinfectant/cleaning

The concentration level of the solution can be adjusted between 0.25% and 3.0 %. Further concentration levels if
D010280 Winco dispensing equipment for the production of ready-to-use disinfectant solutions, Winco
ZNG 17 (CPU) series

Built in the line with dimensional drawings M 326, isolated from the water supply in
accordance with DIN 1988 Part 4 using a system isolator, alternatively an (DVGW) approved
back-pressure pipe isolator, flow rate 17 litres per minute, output pressure depends on the
water pressure (max. 4.0 bar), min. flow pressure 2.5 bar, adjustable concentration level
between 0.25% and 3.0%.

Principal components

1. Mains water supply isolated as a system isolator alternatively pipe isolator, in
accordance with DIN 1988 Part 4

1.1 R " constant pressure regulator

2. Full-electronic impulse counter to control the metering pump

3. Metering unit as a reciprocating piston pump with chemically resistant parts,

4. Micro-processor control with 5 V safety voltages, power section and control unit
separately in plastic housing, fully enclosed

4.1 Control box with precision controls and stepped dial switch for reading and setting the
desired concentration level

5. PVC plastic suction tube, overall length 365 mm, 30 mm diameter with probe for
measuring the level of concentrate remaining in the original container (5 litres); if
requested even for 12.5 litres barrel available

6. Stainless steel housing (special version on request), material no 1.4301, or similar
Dimensions Winco ZNG 17 (CPU):
H = 600 mm, W = 600 mm, D = 210 mm

7. Fluid connectors:
Water inlet R "
Solution outlet R "
Drainage pipe isolator
Alternatively system isolator R 1"

8. Electrical connector 230 V, 50 Hz,
Installed safety fuse 6.0 A

9. Settings and operating conditions are shown by the LCD-display. Faults are
additionally signalised by a red LED

The warning lights are mounted in the front access panel.

Accessories if requested (not included in our delivery)
1 remote signalling to ZLT (extra equipment)

1 Operator instruction manual

1 first filling: barrel 5 l content
1 second filling: barrel 5 l content

Delivery terms: ex works, excl. packing
Delivery period: approx. 2 weeks
Payment: 14 days 2 % discount, 30 days net
D900010 Installation and operator training is carried out by LSK-Wintrich staff. The guarantee period is
controlled by legal regulations. Equipment is supplied in accordance with the general terms
and conditions of LSK-Wintrich. Assembly, connection and filling are not included in our
contract of sale. Maintenance contract as per BAM guideline from 1978; price per
maintenance if requested.

Please install into the extraction line a sample outlet valve!

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