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Winco System 1510

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1500 l/h pipe isolated.
Accordant to DIN 1988 and the worksheet W 503 from the DVGW (German Association of Water and Gas) compact model.

The adjustment charge between 0.25% and 3.0% for continuous and constant adding of disinfectant solution concentrate to the tap water. As a central supply station it affords an economic supplying from the disinfectant solution tapping.

To be set in:
Hospitals, industry, swimming-pools, laundries, animal and food areas, laboratories and waste disposal units.

BAM license: BAM DDE 18

Adjustable for the most common, water soluble disinfectant solutions and cleaning concentrates.

Adjustable from 0.25% to 3.0%.

Robust, easy to maintain and operate, long-living

Automatically as disinfectant solution concentration is insufficient.
D010330 Disinfection solution supply center in system construction LSK-Wintrich fabrication 1510 - 1500
l/h, 6.0 bar
Metering accuracy documented per certificate.
In general consisting of:

1 mains water supply isolated in accordance with DIN 1988 and worksheet W 503 from the
DVGW as plastic seal housing, free water inlet per magnetic valve above level-controlled,
safety overflow and dry run safety for booster pumps

1 rotary pump for pressure increase to 6.0 bar shut-off pressure 400 V, 50 Hz, rating 1.1 kW,
2,900/minute, types of protection IP 44.

1 contactor for quantity based tap to control the metering pump.

1 metering unit as a reciprocating plunger type pump with disinfectant solution resistant parts,
230 V, 50 Hz

1 TÜV certificated diaphragm pressure box with a prestressed butyl diaphragm, total contains
8 litres.

1 VDE proofed plastic control box with control electronic for level controlling and supplement
dosing of the disinfectant solution
1 plastic suction tube with seal cones and foot valve to tap disinfectant solution from the

1 complete piping of the equipment made of none corroding material.

1 stained-steel box, material 1.4301, grounded with a frontally setting-outlet for the
preparation supply.

Amature board:
Control switch: off - on
Manometer: 0 - 10 bar
Hour counter: four-digit

Signal lights:
Ready to use: green

Concentrate (reserve): yellow

Concentrate (empty): red
Motor fault: red

Housing dimensions:
L x W x H = 800 x 400 x 1180 mm

dimension sheet M 179


Disinfectant solution tapping: R ¾"

Water inlet: R ¾"

Safety overflow: R 1 ¼"

Weight: approx. 75 kg

1 set operation and service manual

Accessories if requested (not included in our delivery range)

1 first filling: 25 l barrel content (not part of our delivery)
1 second filling: 25 l barrel content (not part of our delivery)
D010395 1 remote signaling to ZLT (extra equipment if requested)

Delivery terms: ex work, excl. packing
Delivery period: approx. 2 - 3 weeks
Payment: 14 days 2% discount, 30 days net
D900010 Installation and operator training is carried out by LSK-Wintrich staff. The guarantee period is
controlled by legal regulations. Equipment is supplied in accordance with the general terms
and conditions of LSK-Wintrich. Assembly, connection and filling are not included in our
contract of sale. Maintenance contract as per BAM guideline from 1978; price per maintenance
on request.

Please install into the extraction line a sample outlet valve!

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