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Desinette M3 ST / M3 RT

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Winco Desinette M3 ST / M3 RT for the automatic production of ready-to-use disinfectant and cleaning solutions using disinfectant concentrate and tap water.

For room disinfection and athlete´ s foot prophylaxis.

The compact unit Winco Desinette M3 ST / M3 RT is especially developed to install it additionally at already available wet areas. It is piped ready to connect and is just to connect to the house water net.

Regional differences in water supply regulations and the following regulations should be checked!

Application areas:
For athlete´ s foot prophylaxis and surface disinfection in baths, sport centers, sanatoria, saunas, laundries etc

Concentrate: The solution can be adjusted to suit most commercially available water miscible disinfectant
Separation of the
The concentrate and the mains water supply are separated by a specially-formed chemically
resistant membrane.
Output settings: 0.1% to 3.0%
Construction: Robust, durable, continuous adjustable, easy to maintain and operate
Shut-off: Automatically if concentrate is insufficient.
WINCO-Compact unit Desinette M3 RT
WINCO-Compact unit Desinette M3 ST

Principal components

1. Stainless-steel housing, material 1.4301, dimensions:
L = 956 mm, W = 300 mm, H = 200 mm
Connection as per dimension sheet M 0081

2. Universal Mixer Units Winco ZM 3 UE,
concentrate tank capacity: 3 liters, material 1.4301

2.1. Hydraulic shut-off, the unit will switch off automatically should the concentrate tank
become empty,
chemical resistant shape diaphragm of EPDM.

2.2. Adding valve continuous adjustable for disinfectant solutions from 0.1% to 3.0%.

3. Winco Desinette M3 ST:
System isolator as per DIN 1988,

Winco Desinette M3 RT:
Pipe isolator as per DIN 1988, Part 4, switched in mounting form 2 (EA 2)

Note: DIN 1988, Part 4 is a compulsory regulation

4. Foot shower for manual operation, R ˝", chromed with a half buried top force and
socket key inclusive coupling nipple and rosettes

5. Disinfectant solution outlet-valve R1/2", chromed with half-covered top and socket key,
inclusive coupling nipple und rosettes

Operational Data:

Connectors: Inlet and outlet = R 1/2"
Water pressure: 8.0 bar max., 2.0 bar min
Maximum water temperature: 45 C°
Weight: approx. 23 kg

Flow rate Desinette M3 ST: 800 l/h at 4 bar
Flow rate Desinette M3 RT: 1,000 l/h at 4 bar

First filling: barrel 3 x 1 l content
Second filling: barrel 3 x 1 l content

Terms of delivery: ex work, excl. packing
Delivery period: approx. 2 weeks
D900010 Commissioning and operator training should be carried out by LSK-Wintrich engineers.
Guarantee is regulated by the legal rules.

Warrantee as per LSK-Wintrich general terms and conditions. Fitting-,
connection-installations and unit-fillings are not included. Maintenance contract as requested.

Floor drain should be installed at foot-sprayer places. The emerging leaking water from the
pipe isolator is then automatically taken up by the floor drain.

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