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Wintrich since almost 50 years already well known for disinfection safety

1954 started the new division of disinfection in the Wintrich Company. A high pressure sprayer for athlete´ s foot combat has been developed and distributed. A few times later another high pressure sprayer for disinfection in the food and drinking branch has been added.

Over the years of the 60ties and 70ties the area of disinfection has been consequently developed. Already within less developing years it was possible to refer to a large range of disinfectant units. The list continued the following products:

" Disinfectant dispensing centres

" High pressure cleaning units

" Bed disinfectant units

" Washstand disinfectant units

" Foot showers for athletic´ s foot prophylaxis

In 1983 the company has been commuted into Disinfectant Technical Wintrich-GmbH Bensheim. The personnel have been strongly rejuvenated and so the way has been levelled for further innovative developments.

The distribution company Disinfection and Dispensing has been enlarged and the first electronically controlled disinfection units have been developed.

In 1984 the ZEL-12 series has been introduced and almost at the same time the first large systems has been developed. In autumn 1984 the ZEL 12 units got the BAM certificate.

Over the years of the 80ties and 90ties the company business disinfection and dispensing technology increased to a main supplier. Wintrich well known for highest quality and reliability.

In 1998 the LSK-Wintrich GmbH was founded and kept on the tradition of the Wintrich Company since that time.

The LSK-Wintrich company is future orientated and a modern company. Satisfied customer and technical progresses are our destinies. Those destinies became almost reality in the first few month and so new disinfectant units were designed which corresponds with the newest technical claims.

The units are certificated by TÜV, DVGW and BAM. The LSK-Wintrich GmbH will even in the future be market oriented.

Since the end of 2001 the LSK-Wintrich GmbH moved to the new premises in the industrial area Schwanheimer Street in Bensheim. A new and for the claims of the LSK-Wintrich GmbH best arranged ambiance to act furthermore in the order for satisfied customers.

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