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Mixer units ZM 10 UE / ZM UD with pipe isolations VNT 800

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Winco mixer units for the automatic mixing and dispensing of a ready-to-use disinfectant, using disinfectant concentrate and tap water.

Important information:

DIN 1988, part 4 from December 1988 "technical norms for drinking water installations (TRWI), class disinfectant solutions into category 4.

Units of category 4 have to have safety lugs for the cover of drinking water: here it is a mains isolator with a pipe isolation as assembly of type 2.

To be set in: industry, swimming-pools, sport facilities, saunas, and laundries.

Mixing rate: variable setting from 0.1% to 3.0%
Safeties: - cover of the drinking water by pipe isolation
- shut off should the concentrate box become empty
- separation of media between concentration and tap water by a specially formed membrane
Construction: - water pressure 8.0 bar max. - 2.0 bar min.
- mixing rate: variable from 0.1% to 3.0%
- robust, easy to maintain and operate
- solution can be adjusted to suit most commercially available water miscible disinfectant

Universal Mixing and Dispensing units WINCO ZM-10 U

Operation: Mixing units

Outlet connectors:
ZM 10 UE: Variable mixing rate from 0.1% to 3.0%
ZM 10UD Mixing rate I = fix setting 0.1% (1:1000)
Mixing rate II = variable setting 0.1% - 3.0% (with two outlet connectors)

Concentrate tank capacity: 10 liters

Automatically shut-off: the unit will switch itself off should the concentrate tank become
empty, (avoiding the risk of inadvertently using clean tap water for "disinfecting").

Operational Data:

Connectors: Inlet and outlet = R 1/2". Chrome-plated MS union nut. Water pressure: 8.0 bar
max., 2.0 bar min., maximum water temperature: 45 C max., max. working pressure 8.0
bar, flow rate: 1000l/h at 4 bar, separation of the media in the mixer unit by means of a
special membrane made from EPDM and 1.4301 stainless steel material.

Dimensions: Height approx. 585 mm; width (outer sealing face) approx. 195 mm.

Important note:

As in DIN 1988, part 4, December 1988, safety combinations, back-flow-preventer, pipe
aeration, for disinfectant equipment are no more allowed. Therefore we developed for you
the pipe isolator EA 2 type Winco VNT 800.
D010151 Pipe isolation to cover drinking water as per DIN 1988, part 4, "Technical Norms for Drinking
Water Installations" (TRWI) type Winco VNT 800

In general consisting of:
1. Grounded stainless-steel box, material no. 1,4301, grounded, with a frontal opening door
2. Pipe isolator made of GBZ, switched in a mounting form 1, electronically-controlled on
EA2, DVGW license no 569
3. Magnetic valve as a reserving valve, material no. MS 58
4. On/off switch and signal lamp "Operation" green

Tap water inlet: R " outside threat
Tap water outlet: R " outside threat

Tickling water
connector: R 1", plastic adhesive couple
ELT: 230 V, 50 Hz, 3 x 1.5
Dimension: 300 x 380 x 155 mm
Weight: approx. 11 kg (VNT 800)

Terms of delivery: ex work, exclusive packing
Delivery period: approx. 2 weeks
Terms of payment: 14 days 2% discount, 30 days net

Commissioning and operator training should be carried out by LSK-Wintrich engineers.
Guarantee as per LSK-Wintrich general terms and conditions. Fitting and connection are not
included in the price of the product. Maintenance contract as requested.

Please fit a sampling valve in the outlet line behind the mixer (e. g. item D010530 - R ",

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